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Linden 410型激光照排机

Linden Series Laser Imagesetter is especially designed for direct printing users. With RIP processing and multiple image setting choices inside, it can well meet users requirement of flexibility, safety, speed and low-cost.

This series adopt semiconductor lasers, which has a 100,000 hours long life. And with image control technology, even if being amplified a hundred times, it can still guarantee a clear and sharp spot edge.


机型 Linden 410
绘图幅面 410mm×不限长
记录光源 半导体红色光源
分 辨 率 3000×3000dpi
输出速度 80mm/分钟
扫描方式 走片式
定位精度 ± 0.01mm
选用菲林 红激光照排片
光点尺寸 8μm
接口类型 USB2.0
工作方式 使用卷装胶片,暗室冲洗
RIP软件 盈洲Rips4.0 (简/英)
系统平台 PC Windows
外形尺寸 800mm x 500mm x 550mm
配备人员 单人操作,无须专业培训。